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La natura



The environment

Residence Vico is located in an area where the environment is particularly rich in all its expressions.


the nature

The elements that together make up the landscape : the fields , the woods , the rocks , the rivers , the lakes , which are the natural wealth of the area and determine its beauty.

Lake Idro and Sandy Valley are characterized by a great variability of the natural elements.

The morphology of the soils , vegetation , flora and fauna are extremely varied.

Just move a few steps to see the landscape change .

To appreciate the beauty of their description is not enough : you have to see them and visit them in person.

Even today there are many varieties of trees and flowers found nowhere else .


the work

Life in these areas and rugged wilderness has always been difficult. The man has had to adapt to the environment and finding the best solutions to live with it .

This has led to the great respect that still nourishes the local population for their own territory and that puts the focus to keep it intact .

The use prudent in centuries of woods, meadows and pastures , crops in orchards and vineyards have meant that the territory would not lose its natural characteristics .

There are many surviving examples of typical architecture produced by human labor .

In many ethnographic museums in the area , you can trace the history of civilization, the local labor : from sheep to woodworking , cattle farming with the products derived from milk production in antiquity of objects in iron and copper , to arrive at those of brass and plastic today.


the culture

Lake Idro is at the center of a vast area of cultural as well as natural beauty.

There are many historical sites to see : medieval villages, churches, castles and military fortifications . La Rocca d'Anfo overlooking the lake with its grandeur, a witness to countless acts of war alternated over the centuries, from domination by the Visconti to that of Venice, from the Austrian unification of Italy.

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