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Vico Residence  takes into great consideration the respect of environment laws, strating point and minimum requirement in the management of environment aspects. Particularly, we are using detergents having the smallest possible impact on the environment and assuring the hygienic needs of our activity. We give particular importance to the training of our operators and to their part in achieving the improvent objectives. It is very important for us to give information to our clients about our internal rules, in order to help us in achieving our obiectives, and about public transport and all the environment initiatives organized in the surroundings.

Energy and water consumption

The Management of residence has the objietive to reduce water consumption and have a good management of energy. So, we ask you for you kindly collaboration in giving attention to the following procedures:

  • For personal cleaning use only the necessary quantity of water: pease don’t leave the taps on without reason;
  • Use the towels more times and wwhen they are dirty put them in the wash-basin;
  • Turn off the light and the heating before going out of the room;
  • Don’t use small electrical appliance if it is not absolutely necessary;
  • Don’t put heating temperature more than 21°C;
  • Turn off heating when the windows are open.

It’s very important to make a rational use of water and energy, that are always more precious for everybody.


Separate your waste on holidays too:

Glass and tins, paper and cardboard,

Plastic, hazardous waste, the rest.


We thank you for your kind collaboration!



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